December 10, 2002
Vaccuous in Venezuela

Wow. From what I can tell, the media is spinning like crazy in their coverage of recent events in Venezuela.


What happens: Two million people take to the streets in opposition to the wealthy minority who supports removing Chavez from office. Most of these demonstrations are peaceful, but in one state, some protesters smash a TV studio. During the coup attempt, the TV stations had broadcast lies and misinformation, at one point reporting that Chavez had "resigned".

What gets reported: "Hundreds of supporters of President Hugo Chavez ransacked one TV station and surrounded others across Venezuela, accusing them of backing a general strike to force his ouster. " -- the AP lead, featured on Fox News, CNN, Toronto Star, many, many others.

What happens: The management and owners of the oil company, foreign-owned banks, and northern chains like McDonald's, in cooperation with some sympathetic union bosses, lock out workers.

What gets reported: A general strike.

It's remarkable. Every mainstream media outlet is simply assuming that it's a strike, while providing no details as to who exactly is "striking," and why (except that, whoever they are, they're against Chavez).

posted by dru in activism