December 02, 2002
the language-reality problem

It's kind of funny that people still refer to Democrats as the left. What Democrat positions could be taken as remotely leftist? Health care revamping that never happened? I suppose it's all relative.

In other news, Michael Kinsley who, according to commentators, is "left of center" writes:

Throughout the revolution of technology and globalization that has been going on for two decades, responsible mainstream commentators, pundits, analysts, and miscellaneous gasbags (including this one) have taken the view that progress is a good thing. Some people are unfortunately caught in the gears of change, but society as a whole benefits. It's not very complicated if you know a bit of economics. You've got your "invisible hand" (that's free markets), you've got your "comparative advantage" (that's free trade), you've got your "perennial gale of creative destruction" (that's competition and new technology), you've got your "can't make an omelet without breaking eggs" (that's attributed to Joseph Stalin, but never mind). The losers in this process deserve sympathy and help, but special pleading must not be allowed to thwart or slow this process.
Sometimes I like to close my eyes and pretend that people who say things like that are kidding.

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