November 25, 2002
A relic, Odin! I'm a mini, docile Ra!

Late night Palindrome madness!
(s, send a me mo' r&d nil apt h'gin, et al)

Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection

Dog Sees Ada, a 300 word palindrome masterpiece (it makes sense, mostly!)

On writing palindromes.

Bob's palindrome page

And of course, the world's longest palindrome, which most certainly does not make sense.

A quick selection:

Ah, Satan, dog-deifier! (Oh who reified God, Natasha?)

A relic, Odin! I'm a mini, docile Ra!

Age, irony, Noriega.

A Santa deified at NASA.

Embargos are macabre. Sad Nell, listen O! not to no nets--I'll lend a Serb a camera so grab me!

Sex-aware era waxes.

T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot-toilet.

Won't lovers revolt now?

We few erase cares, Al; laser aces are we few.

Yo, Bottoms up! (U.S. motto, boy.)

"Ram O Hamas, Osamah, Omar!"

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