October 17, 2002

"you call them 'hawks', but I would never disparage such a fine bird"

Woody Harrelson of all people has a decent anti-war oped.

I went to the White House when Harvey Weinstein was showing Clinton the movie Welcome to Sarejevo, which I was in. I got a few moments alone with Clinton. Saddam throwing out the weapons inspectors was all over the news and I asked what he was going to do. His answer was very revealing. He said: "Everybody is telling me to bomb him. All the military are saying, 'You gotta bomb him.' But if even one innocent person died, I couldn't bear it." And I looked in his eyes and I believed him. Little did I know he was blocking humanitarian aid at the time, allowing the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

And Ani DiFranco has been reading a long, poetic commentary on the times called Self-Evident at her concerts.

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