August 23, 2002
Other blogs

To keep all 20 readers of misnomer occupied while I'm away from computers (yay!) for a week, here are a few weblogs that I have noticed or remembered in the last fifteen minutes...

The Coral Reef Weblog uses javascript to collapse and expand entries, like Ted Nelson's zipper lists. It's cool, and more interestingly, it's the first really useable implementation of zipper lists I've seen on a web site. Or maybe I haven't been paying attention.

The Bitter Shack of Resentment. No matter how cynical you become...

TalkLeft: The politics of crime looks like an interesting weblog.

Uppity-Negro dot com

This is funny if you know who Russell Smith is...

Do you know of a weblog/site that I should be reading regularly, and isn't on the list on the right column of this page? Post a link below, so that the rest of us can enjoy it too.

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