August 07, 2002
Little Things

NetFuture is an email newsletter about "Technology and Human Responsibility" which has been around since 1995.

This is a Magazine has one of the better uses of flash that I've seen (hint: no stupid little animations or buttons).

Times: Conflict could soon be nuclear

An assessment of Iraqís capabilities says that the US is unlikely to knock out many, if any, of President Saddam Husseinís mobile missile-launchers in a first wave of airstrikes. It raises the possibility of Baghdad hitting an Israeli city with a missile carrying biological agents, saying that Saddam is likely to use chemical and biological weapons.

Israelís likely reaction would be nuclear ground bursts against every Iraqi city not already occupied by US-led coalition forces. Senators were told that, unlike the 1991 Gulf War, when Washington urged Israel not to retaliate against Iraqi missile strikes, Israeli leaders have decided that their credibility would be hurt if they failed to react this time.


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