July 07, 2002
Grad Schools

Trying to figure out where to go to grad school (if at all), I emailed Robert McChesney and asked him (basically): "what's a lefty/media/journalism/philosophy type to do?"

He gave me a few names of places, and from that list, the interdisciplinary Communications Studies departments at U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (where McChesney teaches, coincidentally) and UC San Diego look really good for what I'm interested in. UMass might be a distant third. The Berkeley School of Journalism would be a long shot to say the least, but I might apply if I'm feeling overconfident.

'Problem is, those are both fairly selective PhD programs, and I have no idea if I can get myself accepted. So I'm going to apply to a few Masters programs in Canada as a contingency plan.

The reason I'm spouting all this is the off chance that there might be someone reading who would know of a program (anywhere in the US or Canada) that I might be interested in. Bijan Parsia pointed me at ILS at UNC, which I haven't looked at closely yet.

Any other ideas?

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