June 05, 2002
Foul Deeds

CBC: Brazilian player Rivaldo gets fined for faking a face injury after getting hit in the leg with a ball. What I found rather embarrassing, though perhaps not surprising, was the other Brazilian player's defense of Rivaldo.

Many people think Rivaldo's attitude was incorrect. In my opinion, it wasn't. I myself have simulated many fouls and penalties that the referee called. It's moves like that that can make you world champion. You have to be intelligent. Brazilians have always managed to get other players ejected using their intelligence.

I can't say I'm much of a hockey fan, but I have managed to get sucked into the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. I was surprised, then, that Carolina pulled through to beat Detroit in overtime in Game 1 (Detroit being heavily favoured, and seemed to be dominating for the period that I watched).

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