June 18, 2002

I forgot to mention that my once-roomate and future academic rock star, Matt, gave a rather brilliant Valedictory Address [text, mp3, photo] at Mount Allison's Convocation in May. Easily the best valedictory address ever, says me, with much bias and not many addresses to choose from. Still. It's good, go listen to it.

I went to Halifax last weekend for the G7 Finance Ministers' Meeting, got teargassed, went to dinner with Sylvia's grandparents, and came back to find that about one third of the protesters had been arrested. I spent the whole night standing outside the jail, "welcoming" people who had been locked up and had their things stol.. er, confiscated by the police. I took some photos. Indymedia Maritimes has the rest of the story in video, text, and photos, and lots of good background on the G8.

Highlights: heavily armed cops, raging grannies!, pull-no-punches banner from the Council of Canadians.

Looking for a quick, to the point criticism of the G8? Check out this pamphlet (pdf).

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