February 22, 2002
Welfare King, or: Welfare Emperor's New Clothes

CBS: The Pentagon has up to 2.3 Trillion unaccounted for. Go team USA!

I have decided that karma votes will only be positive from now on. The reason is that if you like something, you seldom have anything to say but just that: that you like it. Karma communicates this well. If you don't like something, however, there is almost always a specific reason, and a negative karma vote doesn't communicate this. As a result, when I see things rated negatively I just wonder why the voter didn't like that post. Additionally, the volume of karma votes that I get leads the positive and negative votes to negate each other. So, in the interests of karma being useful: if you like a post, give it a positive vote; if you don't like it, kindly tell me why. Here at misnomer, we value our customers, and appreciate your feedback.


Heather Meek's End Days of Analog is back this week.

I never used to get riled up about Canadian sports teams, but I surprised myself by feeling quite satisfied that the Canadian Women's Hockey team beat the US on their own ice, with biased reffing.

"Everyone was expecting us to win. We expected to win,'' U.S. defenseman Angela Ruggiero said. "That's why it's so disappointing.''

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