February 27, 2002
Stolen from RRE

A critical appraisal of operation "Enduring Freedom".

A kind of new book: Critical Theory of Technology

I continually have trouble seeing how anyone can see Bush as anything but the corrupt illegitimate puppet that he is. Case in point: according to this Boston Globe editorial, almost none of the new defense budget increases could even concievably be spent on the "war on terror". Instead, we're getting more high-tech submarines, tanks, etc. The remaining question is: how can people not also see Congress as either corrupt and illegitimate (as above), or else cowardly and evil (maybe less so if they refuse to pass this budget)? And then there's the press. And all the other people with the power to stand up to this who turn their heads. I'm not saying that I don't tend to gloss over the true extent of the madness as much as the next person, just that it's truly astounding how far it goes.

It's only a matter of time before we all implode from massive, irresolvable internal contradictions.

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