February 21, 2002

Photos: some photos from home, ca. last december. Gallery format shamelessly borrowed from textism. For values of home that are equivalent to Chimacum, Washington.

This is both curious and rather engaging.

I've decided that I will be Learning Python this summer. In other words, I will be Learning to Program. The aim is to get good enough where I can implement some of these.

David Grenier's weblog has lots of decent stuff lately. And his home-grown content management system is looking good, too.

I found "The Faces of the Liberal Media" image on this page quite amusing.

Some FAIR reports on the mideast conflict:

The pro-Israel critique of Mideast coverage

Muffled Coverage of U.N. Vote

Bias and Fear Tilting Coverage of Israel

Occupied territories no longer "occupied" on TV news

NPR's coverage of Mideast deaths doesn't match reality

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