December 21, 2001

There has been some interesting discussion (and some not quite as interesting) of my article on homophobia. Kendall's bit on the process of assembling the bible is especially interesting.

Phantom limb for the rest of us.

BuskPay looks like an interesting addition to microdonation schemes, though I haven't tried it out. The essay on "Mass-Market Busking" looks interesting too. looks like a home-grown news site with articles about Colombia, the drug war, plan Colombia, and other politics that Americans should be interested in.

Infoanarchy now has an irc-driven weblog based on the ChumpBot.

DayPop indexes a lot of weblogs and lets you search them.

Dean Allen: Reading Design

The Dead Media Project needs a link now and then.

The Open BeOS Project is trying to re-create the BeOS from scratch.

Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan.

The Morning News hosted a roundtable discussion about writing for the web.

Right after some heavy bombing, the US government bought up all the relevant satellite images, preventing other folks from seeing how much damage was caused.

Weblog madness is a directory of all things weblog, including a list of weblog software.

How can anyone with even the tiniest clue continue to call what the US did in Vietnam "humanitarian interventions"?!

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