November 28, 2001
More Rheostatics

" We have as little desire to be revolutionary as to be old-fashioned." A bunch of reviews of the Rheostatics' music.

They played in Moncton last Thursday, and despite a huge looming paper, I drove to Halifax (3 hours each way) on Saturday to see them play again. I guess that means I'm obsessed. They didn't disapoint, though. It was quite possibly the best live show I've ever seen.

"We were wondering, 'Are we going to come across as pompous art-rock idiots?' " says Bidini, in a telephone interview from his home in Toronto. "In the wrong hands it could be a very pretentious piece of trumped-up, pomp-rock crap. We had to come to terms with that, realizing we could just be ourselves. Then we really got into it and thought, 'Bigger! Grander! More pompous!' "

Some more recent reviews and interviews.

As Rheos' frontman Dave Bidini puts it: "People have painted us as being iconoclasts although, more often than not lately, I hear us described as Canadian icons - so I think it's OK to be both. I think it's great to be iconoclastic icons."

Some Rheostatics Lyrics

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