August 28, 2001
we are the city, we can shut it down. fool! what!

A year in the slammer couldn't keep her mouth shut

and J. Edgar Hoover couldn't move her from my heart


Emma! Emma! Emma Goldman!

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David Grenier, writer, bowler and domestic terrorist tries to Reclaim the Streets.

One kid stepped forward and the cops tackled him and slammed his face into the pavement. This is what the cops wanted. They could now call us "violent potesters" because we were protesters in a violent situation they had created.


The real shits and giggles part of all this is that there were two groups on the street that day. One group carried guns and clubs, used chemical agents on unarmed civilians, made up laws as they went along (you canít share food in the park, for example), and used violence to advance their boss' political career and try to intimidate folks from exercising their freedoms if those freedoms conflict with commercial interests. The other group gave food out freely, tried to avoid conflict by staying on the sidewalk, and was armed only with puppets and costumes. Yet the cops are praised in the media by the politicians, while the FBI has labeled Reclaim the Streets a terrorist organization.

So what the media really means when they say "protesters clashed with police" is "police brutally beat and sprayed poisonous chemicals at protesters, who were committing serious crimes, such as jaywalking."

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