August 23, 2001

Piggy was once a great radical Calypso band from Halifax, though their music lives on through compact disc... and now MP3. I've posted one song "Money is King" [2.4 MB].

I recently discovered Boondocks, and have been reading the archives obsessively. Some choice panels (in no particular order): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

The Transformers Multiverse. Information about every Transformer. Through some combination of nostalgia and geekiness, this stuff still fascinates me. I can still remember the first time I got all the pieces of the Constructicon in one place and was able to assemble the whole thing. Wow, Hasbro got way too much of my money.

Some films I have recently seen (some for the second or third time), and think are quite worthwhile. So next time you feel the inclination to go see Planet of the Apes or similar worthless tripe, rent one of these instead. I command it.

Dang. There are more, but I can't remember at the moment. Have you seen any movies that are worth actually watching? Post below.

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