July 07, 2001

NYTimes Op/Ed: "The administration is studiously ignoring that finding."

My article, Getting Paid for Content: from micropayments to shareware models got posted to the front page over at Kuro5hin.

Google's Zeitgeist page is interesting.

The Ten Worst Transformers Of All Time! Sometime last summer, some friends and I decided that it would be a good idea to take another look at that old toy commercial that took up untold hours of our youth. What we found was a truly bizarre, borderline incomprehensible mash of pop-culture and watered down literary references that no kid would have any grasp of at the age of 8 or so. Some scenes were simply generic bits of "jim, I'm a doctor, not an..." lifted directly from Star Trek, and big words like "impervious" were dropped in without explanation. "Pastiche" came to mind as an appropriate adjective. And I always remembered the animation as being infinitely more vivid than it actually was. That, and the fact that the plot made little or no sense except as some kind of pomo art project made me realize just how much writers and animators can rely on kids' imaginations to fill in the (abundant) blanks. That, or an underdeveloped ability to detect incoherence.(link via David Grenier)

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