June 17, 2001
More Self-Censorship

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) looks at how the Media is essentially ignoring some really evil comments made by Bush's Treasury Secretary.

"The secretary didn't really mean to say that no matter how old, no person who has paid into the Social Security system all his or her life would be entitled to benefits until he or she is physically no longer able to work? He didn't really mean to say that ExxonMobil and Time Warner should be treated as we treat the church-- as tax exempt?

"'Yes,' said the spokesman, 'that is our position. The quotes were all accurate.'"

David Grenier:

Every blog I read and list I subscribe to seems to be full of people who spend so much time in front of a computer that they've learned to see the world in binary. Good and evil, with "good" generally being determined by CNN and other media outlets. McVeigh kills Iraqi children, he's a hero. McVeigh kills American children, he's a villain. The government kills McVeigh, they are heroes. McVeigh expresses no remorse, the nation is pissed off they couldn't make him beg and cry before killing him.

David has a longer rant about McVeigh and the history of human sacrifice that is well worth reading.

Journalists have latched on to the fact that McVeigh described the death of children in the Oklahoma City Bombing as "collateral damage." This, they say, proves that he is an inhuman monster. Did these same journalists not use that phrase to describe the deaths of Iraqis in the Gulf War?

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