May 02, 2001
moving hell

Hi, I'm in moving hell. No wait, I'm between houses. My roommate said I could sublet her room for the summer but forgot to ask the landlady if that was ok. Now, the landlady is telling me that subletting is prohibited by the lease. So I have to ask the landlady if I can (pretty please) move into her house for the summer, even though no one contacted her, she makes no money from the deal, and my moving in is technically precluded in the lease. I would go on about how much work I (still) have to do, but for my desire to keep the ranting to a minimum.

update: I've been denied straight out by the landlady, who said it was "too much trouble" for her (where too much trouble means making a few phone calls). However, I found a new place that is positively huge, and pretty darned perfect in every way, so now I guess I'm just in moving purgatory, or something. /me knocks on wood.

Some thoughts on the Holocaust by Paul Ford, who is in Israel.

David Grenier talks a bit about mutual aid, which is (I think) sometimes called anarchism, and the creation of free societies. Always a good topic.

On a related, but diametrically opposed note, I'm getting sick of seeing the moronic commentators in the media constantly refer to concensus and direct democracy as unfeasible or even fascistic. Argh. Journalists either misrepresent the truth purposefully, or simply aren't doing their job. Or maybe they don't do they job in order to misrepresent the truth more comfortably. Judging by how little journalists actually talked to the protesters in Quebec (as opposed to talking amongst themselves or chattering away in front of a camera), I'd say the latter is the case.

Oh my, I'm ranting again.

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