May 07, 2001
fresh meets

Michael Moore: Why Don't We All Just Cut the Crap Right Now?

For eight long years, Clinton/Gore resisted all efforts and recommendations to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air and the arsenic in the water. Just last October, Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle and sixteen other Democrats successfully led the way to STOP any reduction of arsenic in the water. Why? Because Clinton and the Democrats were beholden to the very industries who had financed their campaigns --- and who were responsible for high levels of arsenic in the water.

It doesn't stop there.

Chomsky on the magic answer:

The question that comes up over and over again [is] "It's terrible, awful, getting worse. What do we do? Tell me the answer." The trouble is, there has not in history ever been any answer other than, "Get to work on it."

Another gem from the Chomsky archive

James Madison, one of the most influential of the framers at the Constitutional Convention, who explained and insisted and stressed that the primary responsibility of government, in his words, is to "protect the minority of the opulent against the majority." Therefore, democracy is a threat. We must make sure that the wealthy are in charge, what he called the "most capable class of men", and that the rest of the population is marginalized, fragmented, and dispersed. Well, a lot of people didn't like that, and there were plenty a conflict about it, but that's the constitutional system.

Only two people showed up to the Argosy meeting on Saturday evening, so I spent most of Sunday tracking down volunteers, and got a decent turnout for the make-up meeting. (Traditionally, the newly-elected Argosy Editor-in-Chief is responsible for putting out the last issue of the year. Since most of the staff are out of town, and not obligated to show up, I have to round up a whole bunch of volunteers.) In any case, it looks like it will be a decent paper.

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