April 01, 2001
global hypocrisy index

Someone from IBM's Almaden Research Center is really intent on lowering the karma on all of misnomer. Whoever it is, must have a lot of time on their hands. I'm tempted to call karma a failed project, as every time I see that the karma has been changed, I wish that someone had posted a comment instead. I'll keep it around for a little while longer, just for kicks... though it is nice to know when people are generally pleased with one post or another.

I'm really quite busy. Mostly interviewing Argosy staff all this week. Today it was the staff writers. I'm really quite encouraged by the quality of the applicants so far. In other words, there's nothing much to see here on misnomer, move along...

... except for the long list of links about the FTAA that is presently on the front page of Maritimes Indymedia. The links are well worth reading, if I do say so myself.

"Anyone who says they can 'manage' any species except for humans is either delusional or lying outright" -- Paraphrase of David Suzuki, talking about the fish stocks off the Atlantic coast, which have been managed out of existance by the government fisheries types. Now, the natives are bearing the brunt of the animosity created by the death of the fisheries, instead of the bureaucrats who botched it in the first place. Here's a stat: 90% of the fish in the ocean are gone (compared to 200 years or so ago).

Suzuki mentionned the Union of Concerned Scientists' Warning to Humanity as well. It contains a lot of common sense, but it's worthwhile to note how far away from the obvious we are.

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