March 23, 2001
sick sick sick

More evidence that Economic Globalization (more exactly: the people behind it) (or maybe just economics in general) is sick sick sick.

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More neat-o stuff: The Open Cola Project.

Interesting interview with Clay Shirky on Slashdot. Except I (predicatbly) disagree with this bit:

That part of the left given to conspiracy theories has been banging on for 30 years about the contraction in the media space while out here in the real world, technology has been tearing the roof off the sucker since the launch of CNN. I lived through the 70s, and no matter how earnestly The Nation approaches the task of drawing all those little charts of media ownership, nothing can make me pretend that things are worse now than they were then.
The top may have blown off in terms of format, but the bias in the coverage hasn't changed a bit. Despite the fact that they were broadcasting all day long, news coverage of the WTO 'riots' failed to ask any of the protestors why they were there. Instead, there was an endless stream of talking heads yacking about things they obviously didn't have any idea about. Other illustrations of how corrupt the media is (whether the people working within the media realize this or not is another story) can be found on The characterization of all (or most of) leftist analysis as 'conspiracy theorist' is annoying, too.

Shirky on the WTO protests.

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