February 26, 2001
The incident

Looks like the incident was done by a Danish (?) artist. By the looks of it, he got so much email that he had to admit it was art, not reality to get people to send him less (though the distinction between those two is often over-emphasized, IMO). In any case, it's good to see that interesting art is happening on the net, especially stuff that plays to the urban legend and conspiracy theory genres.

Last week's issue of the Argosy has been up since friday night (see thursday's entry for the gorey details). This week, I wrote about Democracy on the Internet, specifically in Canada. There has been an interesting discussion of democracy going on on the Argosy bitch page.

I added The Daily Chump, an irc driven weblog almost identical to the Daily Churn, to the sidebar. I reckon every IRC channel should have one of these.

I've changed comments to be inline. In other words, if you click on "post a comment" below, your comment will be shown at the bottom of this message. I'm still experimenting with the possibilities that Greymatter affords.

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