February 12, 2001

Dialogues by Aristotle found?. That would be cool. (note: we don't currently have any of Aristotle's dialogues, only his manuscripts... or are they transcripts?). What annoys me about that article is the utterly stereotypical characterization of - especially Sappho. I don't know much, but I know Sappho wrote a lot more than lesbian erotic poems.


Want to look like an activist (or carry political literature) and travel to Canada? Sorry, you're not allowed.

Your chances of entry will also be increased if you travel alone, well dressed, possibly by train or bus (such as Greyhound). Destination other than Quebec City should be a priority, such as Montreal or Toronto.

It's a familiar story. Apparently free trade doesn't apply to people carrying literature of political dissent (pun intended).

posted by dru in activism