February 22, 2001

If you've seen the "all your base.." thing, then this link is worth following.

It is painfully cold outside. Apparently, -50 C with wind chill. Brrr.

In other news, Ola sent me The Chomsky Reader from my Amazon wishlist, and it got here a day before my birthday. Thanks Ola, and good timing :> Hmm, looks like someone bought Vygotsky's complete works, too, but it's not here. (whoops, I've used up my solipsistic rambling quota for the day)

Wow. I just wrote a long entry about how I lost four hours of work because the Argosy fileserver crashed in a wierd way that let me save files, but when I restarted the server, all the changes were lost. I commented on how even when I realized that it had happened, I didn't get a bit frusterated. I didn't really react at all. After I finished writing that, and another entry about the FTAA, I pressed the wrong button, and lost all my comments (good thing that IE5 caches form contents!). I had even gone through the effort of learning the difference between "enunciate" and "annunciate". The irony is sickening. Sickening, I tell you.

Heh. I said "form contents". Nyuck Nyuck.

A few lines in this article about the FTAA are rather disturbing. Namely,

NAFTA does not allow complaints to be brought against corporations

"We already know that its [NAFTA's] protections for labor rights are worthless."

the largest police deployment in Canadian history

2.4 mile long metal fence, similar to those found around prisons, in the streets of the provincial capital

The original police plan to run criminal record checks on all Quebec residents receiving a pass was quickly shelved in the face of widespread public outrage.

That last one gives me a bit of hope :)

Wow. Y'all are using the karma function. You must be telling me that you like the solipsistic rambling. Seriously, the karma function seems a bit vague, at least for my kind of site. Maybe a contextual mini-poll would be more appropriate: "do you agree with dru's uninformed opinions today?" [] yes [] no [] I too am chronically uninformed.

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