February 02, 2001

MP3.com: Payback for Playback. For some reason, I hadn't heard of this before.

Kendall Clark: The Politics of Schemas.

Against Method, by Paul Feyerabend

Bijan Parsia: Starting Black History Month with a bang.

YT on Monkeyfist: When it comes, it will be quick.

Ralph Nader's account of his presidential campaign is worth a look.

We sent open letters to Bush and Gore, challenging them (in a nice way) to take positions that would enrich the presidential campaign dialogue -- on farm policy, genetic engineering, corporate welfare, the living wage, even simply urging all members of Congress to post their voting records in an easily searchable fashion on their websites, as none currently does. There were no responses from Bush and Gore, and there was never, to my knowledge, one media attempt to elicit such.

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