January 06, 2001
school days, school days, good old fashioned rule days

Pyra's Blogger Server Fund strikes me as a perfect application for voluntary micropayments. Its success stems, AFAICS, from two important facts: they provide a service that is percieved as valuable, and they promise a reward for helping out.

I wonder if this could be expanded to applying the shareware model to web applications? This might result in some interesting possibilities, especially for part time projects; i.e. "we need another $1000 to implement feature X." This works somewhat like the storyteller's bowl publishing model, in that it has the flexibility to be paid for either by one rich person, or 200 poor people (to simplify things somewhat).

Well, I thought I was going to update more when I came back. I've been moving into a new apartment, starting classes, catching up with various things and people, and generally not surfing a whole lot. The end is not in sight. In fact, it's the beginning of the end. No, it's the end of the present, or the past.

At least I live in a house where everything works, and have cool roommates.

Here are the classes I'm taking, in place of links:

Contemporary Social Theory (Sociology)

Social Dynamics of Science and Tech. (Sociology)

Modern Japan (History)

Logic II (Philosophy)

Ancient Philosophy

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