December 06, 2000

Today was the 11th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. A good reason to think about violence against women.

A letter:


From: Dru Oja Jay <>

[please forward appropriately]

Dear Starbucks,

This message is to let you know that I am, as of now, no longer patronizing Starbucks establishments. Furthermore, I will make a small but significant effort to inform others of Starbucks' corporate practices.

The practices to which I refer have to do with the lawsuit your corporation has filed, described here:

While it is possible that Starbucks has some kind of technical legal precedent for filing this lawsuit, the fact is that your actions only serve to limit artistic freedom in the United States. While it may be common practice among corporating to "slap" a lawsuit on anyone who makes fun of them, the act itself is no less outrageous to myself or anyone else who believes in artistic freedom or freedom of speech.


Dru Oja Jay

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