November 03, 2000

I finally found the link to Mike Moore's open letter to Al Gore. Yowza!

Look, Al, you have screwed up -- big time. By now, you should have sent that smirking idiot back to Texas with a copy of "Hooked on Phonics" in his hands. You should have wiped the floor with him during the three debates. But you didn't. And now your people are calling ME, asking ME to do the job YOU'VE failed to do!

More Moore: Three strikes and you're out, Mr. Bush.

Alexander Cockburn on Al Gore and blaming Nader. Very good stuff.

Cool. Now you and I can see where visitors to misnomer come from. I had no idea that so many people visited the site from search engines.

I saw East-West (Est-Ouest) last night. A French film about Russian exiles returning to a Soviet Russia. Quite worthwhile.

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