November 24, 2000

This week's issue of the Argosy is up.

The NY Times with a bit of thinly-veiled propaganda on GM Rice, though perhaps unwittingly.

If we're worried about kids starving, there are a whole lot of things we could do about it. Right now. However, our "representatives" routinely vote against putting any real resources (res: money) into such an effort. But if it'll validate our technology, it's ok, right?

I've argued this before.

I'm working (planning to work on, anyway) a paper outlining the objections to the use of Genetic Engineering in food and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I'm procrastinating...

...And listening to "The best (and the first) in overproduced, epic prog rock". That being King Crimson's debut album, "In the Court of the Crimson King". (links to a review)

Here's an interesting in-depth analysis of the title track. It's kind of overwhelming.

The yellow jester does not play

But gentle pulls the strings

And smiles as the puppets dance

In the court of the crimson king.

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