November 28, 2000
fashionably late

As you probably know, I have, for the past six months, been running an experiment in collaborative environmental news with Blue Green. Recently, I haven't been updating it a whole lot, and neither has anyone else.

So I'm almost ready to give up on it, when Craig Jensen (of Booknotes fame) posts a link, and I get all excited. No big effort, just a relevant link. And I get to remembering all the reasons I started the site. I'm afraid to expand on that, as I might end up writing an essay, which will have to wait until I finish the ones I am obligated to finish.

Ola has a new design, and he might even be updating now and then. (psst, Ola, your html documents need title's).

Now that I have referers logs, I can feel warm and fuzzy about contributing to the mass of collective knowledge on the internet on a semi-regular basis. For example, someone who searches for information about the comic strip Norb, then they'll find the entry in misnomer that I wrote on the day I tried to find information about the Norb strip, the worthwhile parts of which I linked to.

That saves those people the hassle of digging up all the same links that I plowed through.

Warm. Fuzzy.

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