November 07, 2000

Monkeyfist: Live Election Results Coverage. Reload early, reload often.

The cool cats at Monkeyfist will be watching the election returns all day today and commenting on them in their IRC channel.

Point your IRC client to, port 6667, and join channel #mf.

Oh yeah, and go vote today. Remember, if you weren't planning on voting at all, a vote for Nader is nothing but just that. (i.e. not a vote for Bush).

Vote for who you think is best, but please keep in mind that there are two parties who are explicitly opposed to a fair democratic process, and one that explicitly supports them.

That, and Gore and Bush both support the war on drugs, US imperialism, killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The list goes on. That, and both major parties have accepted millions of dollars of corporate money to support their campaigns.

You've most likely heard it all. But please vote.

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