November 15, 2000
A good cause

Hehe. This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a Canadian news parody show (the ones who asked George W. about Prime Minister Jean Poutine's comments) are running a petition to force Stockwell Day to change his first name to Doris.

Apparently, the following song about Day aired on the CBC recently:

Stockwell Day, he'll do what's right

As long as you're rich, as long as you're white.

Stockwell Day, he'll never fail.

As long as you're straight, as long as you're male.

If you don't know or don't care about Canada, the Prime Minister is Jean Chretien, Poutine is a snack consisting of fries, gravy, and cheese, and Stockwell Day is the leader of the "Canadian Alliance", the new right wing party. Cut health care, cut taxes, cut spending, cut throats... er, something like that.

I must commend The Onion for their election coverage. They are truly cutting edge.

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