October 15, 2000
The discourse of tech manuals

Sylvia's mathematical sculpture can now be viewed online. She spent this last summer working on art that incorporated mathematical shapes, patterns, and ideas into sculpture. The result is pretty interesting.

Phil Agre: Designing genres for digital media. "Each genre implies a particular sort of audience and a particular sort of activity."

Steven Feuerstein wrote an interesting piece on the political nature of the examples used in technical manuals. "I also believe that almost every technology book we buy and read is full of politics." [via htp]

I find that, in the United States, very few people are willing to talk "politics." It is, along with the topic of money and sex, generally veered away from in trepidation. Better to comment on the weather and sports.

How often do you see real political debate, crossing the entire spectrum, taking place? How often do you hear a member of the media truly challenge politicians and business "leaders" to justify their policies and actions?

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