October 01, 2000
structured creation

This week's Argosy is online, with a very cool cover.

Jakob Nielsen talks about structured creation for a paragraph. This is something I'm really interested in, but haven't got around to writing about. Structured interaction too. A great deal of the web (and almost all net-based interaction) is free-form, but it all has an implicit structure. What we need to do is understand that stucture and how it works, and more importantly, establish what is possible, and what is effective in different contexts. Real soon now, there will be a website which deals with this.

This morning on CHMA, Paul Griffin reminded me of yet another reason to be critical (or at least skeptical) of the Olympics: time spent sitting on the couch watching professional athletes could perhaps be better spent playing catch in the back yard, or going to see a local (amateur) hockey team.

But really, who am I to argue with the "Star System"?

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