October 20, 2000

What's really happening in Palestine. Oof. Wow. Ick. Yes folks, our news media is really that corrupt.

This is wierd. Oja is my middle name, so when I noticed that oja.org was due to expire in September, I thought I'd check back and try to register it. September came and went, and the domain hasn't expired. It still says:

Record last updated on 06-Oct-1998.

Record expires on 26-Sep-2000.

Record created on 25-Sep-1997.

Database last updated on 20-Oct-2000 14:14:26 EDT.

So it expired a while ago, but the same guy still owns it? I don't get it. update: Cam just happened to post this link yesterday.

In addition, the firm's press release says that NSI has "implemented a unilateral policy of refusing to delete expired domain names from the WHOIS database."


You can read The Pravda in English. (via girlhacker)

I wonder what this site or this site are about..?

I no longer have internet access at home (at least for the next two weeks), so I'm spending more time on campus. That, the two essays I need to write, and this weekend's bronze pour might result in less updates.

Then again, procrastination is a powerful thing.

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