September 11, 2000
Love the glam.

The United States and British governments killed Iraqi children today.

A better way to 'buycott' the RIAA.

Aussie protestors block conference"Organisers of the summit branded the demonstration an 'abuse of democracy.'

Probably the most common criticism of direct action blocking conferences such as the WTO and the WEF is that forceful shutdowns are undemocratic. Such a criticism, however, ignores the fundamentally undemocratic nature of such meetings. How can one oppose an undemocratic process through democratic means which don't exist? Our sources of information, our political representation, and our self-determination have been hijacked.

Not convinced? Ask yourself, did I vote for genocide in the last election?

I wonder if the spirit of the Olympics is being lost on some people?

Very large numbers [last three via Daily Churn]

Scott McCloud:

'Slaps' are becoming very common, those lawsuits that are nothing but nuisance suits to intimidate people. Thatís gangster stuff. I see no difference between that and planting a bomb in your local greengrocerís apartment because he wonít pay up to the mob. I think itís the exact same thing, itís just a matter of degree. Itís criminal behavior from an ethical standpoint.


[Stephen] King charged too much! I want that on the record. That thing cost too much! Heís cutting out an army of middlemen and heís still going to make the same amount per word from the consumer. Thatís not right! He should be charging fifty cents for that thing. Itís not his fault, thereís not a model in place to do that. It bugs me.


A book is like a bomb. You pack all of these chemicals and things into it over the course of a year and they read it in a second, with that amount of compression. Think how long it takes.

Ah heck, I'm not gonna keep quoting all the good stuff I see, so go read it.

Back to school. Misnomer updates may or may not occur less frequently. A lot of projects have been put on the back burner.

My roommate is listening to some kind of speed/death metal. The drumming is really quite impressive. [it turns out the band is called Opeth, and are better described as black or doom metal.]

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