September 17, 2000

Here's a syllogism - you provide the conclusion:

    Genocide is "the systematic killing of a racial or cultural group."

    The United States and Britain are systematically killing Iraqi people.

    The Iraqi people are a cultural group.

    Therefore: __________

And we thought that was just for Nazis!

Factual note: no, we're not just targeting weapons; the UN has withheld chlorine and other necessary elements for drinkable water, and dams have been bombed (leaving flood control and irrigation capacities damaged). Furthermore, we (that's "we", in the sense that our democratically elected governments are doing this) have denied Iraqi doctors access to medical journals since 1993.

What could denying access to medical information possibly be good for, except for systematically killing a whole population?

It is a truly sad and evil thing we are doing.

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