September 02, 2000

The United States and British governments killed Iraqi children today.

Ten Ways to Democratize the Global Economy.

Colombia Support Network's statement on the Clinton Administration's national security waiver on military aid to Colombia.

Bijan Parsia on Clinton's doubletalk regarding Colombia.

Olympic Organizing Committee bans athletes from Net Storytelling. The real reason is a little farther down: "The organizers are taking every precaution they can to ensure that their broadcast partners, which have paid $1.32 billion for exclusive TV rights, don't get scooped by the Net."

When events that have noble intentions at the start, but tend to degenerate into greed-fests and power grabs (witness the above and Olympic committee corruption), it becomes harder and harder to keep the original goals in sight. A sad product of globalized media, perhaps, but sadly, it seems that good intentions get easily crowded out for stronger (and less noble) motivations whether locally or otherwise. Human nature?


An old, very sweet dog named Thuja, sitting on my front porch.

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