September 24, 2000
A Wall

Clinton, Albright, others, sentenced to 20 years in jail for war crimes. Too bad this trial was conducted by Milosevic, as that seems to rob it of its credibility.

However, if such a trial were conducted in a more credible context (the context reuters places it in), I doubt the results would be any less harsh.

A thread about democratizing media with lots of good links is happening over at metafilter.

Democratizing the Mass Media: an assessment and a proposal. payed record companies a few hundred million dollars to carry some of their music. How much went to artists? Zero.

Support artists. Boycott the RIAA.

I just picked up Pink Floyd's The Wall Live double album. I would have downloaded it and sent money to directly to the artists, but I'm out of hard drive space, and the cool photos that comes with it make it a little more valuable in tangible form.

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