August 24, 2000
Pete Best

The United States and British governments killed Iraqi children today.

Blue Green has started picking up a bit.

Kid Rock Starves to Death. MP3 Piracy Blamed.

A good list of books on Information Architecture. (via Peterme)

Mersault*Thinking is a weblog about IA and interface design.

Remembering Pancake Stomp '99. There's a great pic of Milosh, myself, and Janna groovin' to the tune of Alaxy and the Galaxy (I've got the yellow shirt). As it happens, Alaxy and his Galaxy have a few MP3's on the CHMA local music page.

Lots and lots of good links (and a terrifying story) at Metascene.

Sequential Tart - "A Comics Industry Web Zine"

A David Gelernter manifesto.

Pete Best (the Beatles' first drummer) is coming to Sackville. How wierd is that? The company that is representing him looks kinda slimey. Let's milk every bit of celebrity out of pseudo-pseudo-celebrities. Wierder.

Theory links.

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