August 16, 2000
Existential Dread

The United States and British governments killed Iraqi children today.

"I usually vote Democrat. On the other hand, that was a lot of confetti they dropped on Bush."

Old Man Murray: Interview on biblical-themed games. (link and quote shamelessly lifted from random$foo)

It seems that people who deliberately deconstruct religion, then exorcise it from their lives, eventually realize that maybe they're not so much smarter than everyone who's ever lived after all. When they inevitably discover that faith has a purely utilitarian value as a way of mitigating the mounting existential dread that arises from simply being alive, they generally resort to creating some kind of half-assed religion substitute. This leads to spiritual philosophies that embarrass everybody, like aromatherapy and everything Jewel believes.

There was a passage in Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon that had a similar idea. Part of the ongoing subtext of post-modernist inner conflict, or something.

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