August 14, 2000
Back in the Sack

The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today.

Microsoft doesn't exert any influence over editorial decisions at Slate. Suuuuuuuure.

I pretty much agree with the Concord Principles. Vote Nader!

After a 22 hour bus ride, I'm back in Sackville. I'd say it's a stark contrast to New York City, but this little town is pretty much etched in my bones, so it seems like I never left.

I read Harry Potter #1. It was a combination between a Roald Dahl novel and a Hardy Boys formula, but in an intelligent way.

I'm reading Antarctica, by Kim Stanley Robinson, who did the excellent Mars series. Being in weblog mode, I don't have the patience to think of good descriptors, suffice to say that Robinson's writing is versatile, multifaceted, and really quite interesting. I'd have to agree with the NYTimes when their review guy says there is 'no finer writer of science fiction today'.

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