July 26, 2000
The Grey Lady

The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today.

Nous passons de la vie a la mort.

Google redesigned, ever so slightly. Probably the only search engine I've ever seen get simpler over time. Bravo.

TodRadio.com is an interesting new show on CBC radio. They aim to be 'the most interactive radio show in North America'. Listeners can send them instant messages, chat with other listeners, and coolest of all, upload sound clips for the show.

The show is a bit obnoxious at times, but it's worth a listen, if only for the format. (They managed to misquote Mcluhan badly enough to piss me off in the first show that I listened to. )

One thing that annoys me about radio and media in general is that debates never really go anywhere. Most 'debates' that happen are really just a bunch of people saying their opinion - but then, just when it starts getting interesting, it stops, and we move on to the next topic. It would be alot more interesting if the topics stayed the same over time, and the discussion really had a chance to inform people, with thoughtful responses and rich background information.

Instead, we have 'lets whip up some infotainment before 5 o'clock and then move on' business. Even in 'quality' publications, you have to be thoughtful before your deadline, not after. </rant>

Smartertimes offers counterpoints to NYTimes articles that they find to be innaccurate. Kendall over at Monkeyfist has been doing similar analyses of NYTimes and Washington Post articles on protests and the elections. Jeremy at Invisible City was doing something similar with Time magazine, too, but I can't find the link.

Maybe there should be a site that aggregates analytic counterpoint pieces. Hmmmm...

Did I mention that Retrogression is back? Good stuff can be found...

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