July 28, 2000
Satan Gave Me a Taco

The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today.

Ah, the original page for the Street Performer Protocol. Writer/Artist creates content, sets up a method to pay for it. If px or z people pay (where p is a set percentage, x is the number of downloads, and z is a set dollar amount), then artist creates more content. Only a little different from the Storyteller's Bowl.

There is an interesting idea for voluntary payments for music over at Hack the Planet. It's called "Kill the RIAA".

Or instead of killing them, you could let them know what you think.

There seems to be a campaign of sorts to give the RIAA their music back, so people are sending CD's, old hard drives, and disks with MP3's on them to the RIAA. This guy is playing songs into their voice mail system. The list is pretty funny, imo (scroll down). He also read the entire text of Courtney Love's speech into their voice mail.

There is a really miserable dog next door to where I am staying. It barks all day long. I feel sorry for it, but since I can't do anything about it, it annoys me.

'But beware of commercial radio. Anger...fear...aggression. The dark side of the Dial are they.'

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