July 17, 2000
Saint Paul and Indy Radio

News: The United States Government killed Iraqi citizens today, using bombs and famine. Are you a US citizen? Innocent people are being killed by people who represent you. Bummer.

If anyone's keeping track, I'm now in St. Paul, Minnesota, visiting my best friend from pre-university days.

Is moving a radio station onto the internet really a big deal?

A station that brought the best of the internet to the airwaves would be much cooler, imho. An internet community radio station could be run by a staff of one or two (with volunteers), and play radio shows that produced independently by people people all over the internet. Stuff like off the hook, counterspin, and others could be heard by people without access to the internet.

I'm hoping to do something like this at CHMA next summer (when all the programmers leave), as an experiment.

I think that bringing independent media from the internet to the Real World could have a lot of potential in this and other ways - in the sense that the most interesting stuff from all over the internet could be picked up by people publishing locally. This could be pretty viable if low-power radio becomes a reality.

The same idea could be applied to print - take the best articles published by independent media sites on the net and make a newsletter, augmented with local content, and distributed in a town or neighborhood.

Syndicate globally, publish locally.

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