May 22, 2000
The long decline of copyright

Having fun with Bookmarklets today. I made a one that searches for the currently selected word. I'm trying to make one that searches for weblogs that link to the current URL, but I can't seem to get it to work (on Netscape 4.08/Mac, anyway).

Anyone want to help me debug this:

Ola points out that if you use this link, it'll work fine. However, it still doesn't work as a bookmark. Arg. The whole point is that when you're on any page, you can select the bookmarklet, and see if any weblogs point to that page.

Monkeyfist: Global Warming Petitions, a short article by yours truly.

Salon: 30,000 Napster users tell Metallica to 'prove it'.

Thanks to Rebecca, David, and Donovan for linking to Blue Green.

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