May 01, 2000

I'm working on a piece about interfaces on the web, so this article about Pyra caught my interest in a few different ways.

The idea: interface design thus far has been focussed almost exclusively on ease of use (which is good), but contextually-specific, high-level elements of interface design offer a way to structure information and flow in ways not yet fully explored. Informed design.

Infolets, David Rubin's exploration of internet innovations, is a darned good resource.

Conglomerate (GPL) looks like an interesting, if overly complex, collaborative document authoring application. I think the web can do this in a much more elegant and effective fashion.

I found an interesting explanation of the "alternative music" category that happened in the early nineties.

terms make calculated glances

toward coy, smiling concepts

a small child grinning

through a lick

on a big ice cream cone

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