April 03, 2000
stoopid uses of IP law

Eric Raymond: Why I am an Anarchist. We might perhaps wonder then, why did David Grenier sell out?

Mount Etna blows smoke rings

I once did this to a friend's car in high school.


RSA Hacked. ouch.

Man, there are a whole lot of weblogs out there these days.

I was using pike today, but the controls just stopped responding.

I wonder how long it'll take paramount to shut down this site. (A well done, exhaustive compendium of all the Star Trek ships).

The focus on child violence is always about what can we get rid of that is causing this? Why not be a bit more constructive? How about, let's teach our kids to solve their problems through communication, instead of blowing someone's head off. Watching less TV is definitely a part of that, but it's not the Final Solution.

This is wierd. Reallly wierd.

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