April 17, 2000
More web writing links

Webmonkey: The writing on the web. Good article, but way too short. I want some in depth looks at the culture of digital text. 'sappose I'll just have to think about it for myself.

Michael Stutz of dsl.org pointed me to Jorn Barger's alt.etext FAQ. A lot of material there. Thanks!

One of the most important realizations that you come to as a designer, artist or writer is that 90% of the time, people who look at your work won't notice any of the energy or nuance that you put into it. It's kind of frusterating, but it tends to result in a love of the work itself, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

...or you get cynical...

I spent nine hours in the sculpture studio yesterday, six of which were spent banging on a big sheet of metal. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, though. Stay tuned for pics.

Oh yeah, and I'm all done with schoolwork. Isn't that nice.

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